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Is Pelosi Shafting Bernie Sanders Again?

It is established fact that four years ago, the Democrat party put its thumb on the scale to deny Bernie Sanders the Presidential nomination. These activities are detailed in various main stream media accounts. Could Nancy Pelosi be doing the same thing this year?

Delaying the impeachment trial is creating a condition that will keep Senator Sanders from being able to campaign in the closing weeks of the New Hampshire and Iowa primaries, which he is currently leading. After these two, the next primary is in South Carolina, where Biden is expected to win big. Under these predicted scenarios, a horse race will ensue.

But what if both Sanders and Warren slip in Iowa and New Hampshire, being locked up in the Senate trial of the President? What if the unencumbered Biden manages to win one of these two states where he is currently behind? After one of these two early wins, plus a big win in South Carolina, Biden becomes the presumptive favorite, and Bernie fades.

Clearly the Party chose favorites in 2016, and it would be in character to be doing the same thing this time. A Sanders landslide loss to Trump might well contribute to losing the House and not winning the Senate.

Another advantage of this for the Party war horse Pelosi would be payback to AOC and the Squad, who are backing Bernie. As her daughter told us, Pelosi can dish out payback with a knife in your back before you know she is coming.

She could be playing a very smart political game. Or not. Time and leaks will tell.

But the Bernie folks are already sensing another betrayal and they are hot. As we go to press, Project Veritas has released recorded comments by a Sanders Iowa field operative threatening severe retaliation against those seeking to torpedo Bernie’s campaign, including MSNBC.

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