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Measure 112 – Coddle Prisoners At Taxpayer Expense? NO!!

Measure 112 – Coddle Prisoners At Taxpayer Expense? NO!!
Official Ballot Title “Amends Constitution: Removes language allowing slavery and involuntary servitude as punishment for crime”

At first glance, this Measure seems good. Who does not oppose slavery? But there are significant problems with this Measure that lead us to oppose it.  

First, our criminal justice system encourages inmates to work while in prison. These encouragements include time off for good behavior. This will likely be seen by Oregon’s progressive judges as coercion to work and thus involuntary servitude, prohibited by this Measure. That is why the Oregon State Sheriffs’ Association and many conservative legislators opposes Measure 112. 

Additionally, the result of Measure 112 would also mean citizen costs for maintaining jails would increase, since most services now performed by inmates would have to be hired out. 

Measure 112 would also be bad for inmates. We are created by God to work, which means work is necessary for human flourishing. Its absence is not good for human development. The rehabilitative aspect of work is why our system encourages inmates to work. 

Our well-documented spike in crime rates is due in part to various attempts to shield criminals from the consequences of their actions. The state must first protect its citizens, not the criminals who prey on them. Measure 112 is one more move in favor of criminals and harmful to citizens. We urge a No vote on it. 

The Bible’s system of criminal justice focuses on restitution and the death penalty for crimes such as kidnapping, violent rape, and murder. Restitution frequently means the offender will need to work to pay off their debts to their victims. Only when we begin to return to these solutions will we move towards the sort of criminal justice reform that will mean blessing to our State.

Paid for by Advance Liberty PAC #216, PO Box 847, Canby, OR 97013, 503-263-8337, The first $50 per person or $100 for a married couple given to us or like PACs gets you a dollar for dollar tax credit.

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