Who is Advance Liberty?

Help Us Preserve and Advance Liberty and Freedom

If you’re concerned about the future of your neighborhood schools, your cities, and our country, you’re not alone. What was once an essentially Christian culture in America has, for all intents and purposes, been greatly diminished. With your help, Advance Liberty is working to bring it back.

The future of our children is the priority.

It starts with the public school system, which now undermines traditional values and the free market. It is essentially socialist education, taking a cookie-cutter approach. This is why Advance Liberty was originally named the Parents Education Association when we first formed in Portland Oregon in 1983. Our first priorities are protecting educational and religious liberty. We’ve done this by fighting for home and private school options that allow us to teach moral integrity, practice individual responsibility, and even celebrate holidays.

We minimize government interference.

 We’ve all seen excessive regulation from a bloated government, which threatens our freedom and individual rights. That’s why we moved from strictly schooling issues to also helping elect pro-family candidates and bring awareness to all statewide elections and policy that could threaten our freedom and liberty. Judges, lawmakers, and rulers should reflect the character, honesty, integrity, justice and love of God, and be guided by His word.

 We’re fighting for liberty through biblical truth.

 In 1996, we published our first Biblical Ballot Measures Voters Guide in order to offer biblical analysis and voting recommendations on all state-wide ballot measures in Oregon. We’ve continued the publication every year since, and we also work on various legislative, administrative, and judicial races. Our webpage is becoming a go-to place for those working for liberty.

We’re eligible for the Oregon political action tax credit.

Thanks to you and the tax credit, we’ve been able to provide this website, voting guides, rallies, and organize grassroots activism, furthering Christian-based policy and law. Each year, the first $50 given to us or other PACs by an Oregon taxpayer results in a dollar for dollar tax credit, meaning it costs you nothing. This is a tax credit, much better than an income deduction.

May the new generation be more faithful than their fathers!

 For over three decades, we’ve been able to help preserve and advance the liberty parents in Oregon have to educate their children without state interference. Our vision for America is a return to the faith of our fathers, and the resultant freedom, liberty, and order that accompany a culture built on God’s Word. To continue to advance liberty, we need key contact people across Oregon. Please let us know if you can help!

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