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A Call to Action

November’s election is the most critical one in our lifetime. If we don’t weaken Democrat control, we may not have another chance. This is not an exaggeration. Here’s what nearly all Democrat elected officials are advocating:

– Transgender ideology taught at all grade levels, causing kids to question their God-given sex.
– Racist and false 1619 Project history and lesson plans taught at all grade levels. They twist and invent “history” to convince kids that America is a very bad racist country.
– Teaching all kids systemic racism is everywhere and causing them to see themselves and others as oppressors or oppressed.

– Huge government spending and over regulation resulting in record inflation and very high food and gas prices.
– Never-ending increases in state taxes and state control, shrinking our liberty, and ability to run businesses.

– Protecting criminals rather than victims. Massive increase in murders in Portland.
– Taking away both police protection and our self-protection through gun rules and laws.
– They won’t defend us, and they don’t want us to be able to defend ourselves.

– Taxpayer funded abortions for all, up to the point of birth. This is current Oregon law and ALL elected
Democrats, state and federal, support this!

Border Nonenforcement
– A de facto open southern border, increasing crime and taxes to pay for those entering.
– The border is now controlled by drug cartels and sex traffickers. Over 700 incoming immigrants have died trying to get in. 70,000 young Americans have died in one year through fentanyl poisoning.

These are not exaggerations. This is real and a clear and present danger to our well-being. We are asking each of us to use our spare time between now and November 8 to this effort. Give copies of this information to your neighbors, friends, and people at your church.  This is a big ask, but your kids, grandkids, and our state will be blessed by your efforts. Vote!

Encourage others to vote!
Paid for by Advance Liberty PAC #216, PO Box 847, Canby, OR 97013, 503-263-8337,
The first $50 per person or $100 for a married couple given to us or like PACs gets you a dollar for dollar tax credit.
 It costs you nothing!

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