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Attack on Oregon Gun Liberty Starts on January 15

A hearing on new draconian gun legislation will be held on January 15 at the Oregon Capitol by the Joint Session of the Judiciary Committee. It appears that only invited testimony will be given.  But mere physical presence can send a strong message.

Here are some emails for legislators who may be willing to push back:

[email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected][email protected]

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  1. A gun ban in Oregon will result in a civil war in Oregon.. Look at Virginia.. DO you want that here? Look at California this is where we are headed right now.. Stop the madness…

    1. I look at it this Way a lot of Government Seniors, Representative’s, Governor’s, and so on took a Oath to defend and support the constitution that by definition means the constitution as well and its rights. It does not say one can steer away from defending or putting your political beliefs clearly because you do not agree with it example the Second amendment this doesn’t entitle you to throw your beliefs and pick and choose what to defend and protect you took a oath to protect it all be non judgmental and set your personal beliefs aside. It’s just like if you signed up to go into the military you take a oath to defend and support the
      constitution both foreign and domestic to protect and serve the president regardless if you like him or not you fallow the orders of the president. And even if there’s a chance you have to fight protect yourself, others, your home land, or help another country and fight for freedoms that are in the personal interests of the United States that’s your job and oath you took . It isn’t any different then that if taking the oath for office and not doing as what you gave your oath for or understand any of the constitution or what you even gave your oath for you don’t belong in office its pretty simple. If you do not know what your protecting or what your doing or scope of your job you have no business being in office period . That’s how I see it and this is the straight up truth there’s no B.S in my opinion it’s straight up truth and facts that makes logical sense.

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