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Measure 114 – Weaken Self-defense While Crime Explodes? NO!!

Measure 114 – Weaken Self-defense While Crime Explodes? NO!!

Official Ballot Title “Requires permit to acquire firearms; police maintain permit/firearm database; criminally prohibits certain ammunition magazines “

This measure is an attack on our ability to defend ourselves and our property. The right of self-defense is clearly seen in the Bible. In Luke 22:36 for instance, our Lord, knowing the dangers His disciples would encounter tells them to buy swords for their travels. The sword was that era’s equivalent of a gun. 

In Exodus 22:2,3 the law of God even affirms the right of defense of one’s home, including the use of deadly force under certain circumstances. God endorses both private property and the use of weapons in self-defense. 

These biblical truths are the basis for our Second Amendment right to possess and carry weapons. 

Measure 114 would greatly restrict these God-given and Constitutionally endorsed rights. For example, it would make the purchase of firearms impossible for many if not most Oregonians. It does this by mandating extensive police training before a gun could be purchased, but would not require law enforcement agencies to provide this training! Nor does it provide funding for the establishment of these training centers. That’s why a number of law enforcement agencies, including the Oregon State Sheriff’s Association, oppose this measure. 

There are many other objectionable aspects to this Measure. For instance, a new additional background check would be needed, which could literally take forever.  

During a time of increasing lawlessness and crime, the state increasingly either cannot or will not protect us.  At the same time, Measure 114 would make it nearly impossible for us to protect ourselves. 

We strongly recommend a No vote on Measure 114

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