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No On “Me Too” Knute Buehler in CD 2

“And if the bugle gives an indistinct sound, who will get ready for battle?” 1 Cor. 14:8

Greg Walden has served admirably for years as Oregon’s only Republican congressman. He is now retiring, and his seat in Congressional District 2 will be decided in November. A number of Republicans have filed for this position in the May primary. The most well-known is Knute Buehler, who lost to Gov. Brown in 2018. We believe he would be a poor replacement for Walden, even if he could win the seat.

It was clear during Buehler’s run for Governor that he failed to inspire conservative voters. This was due in part to a sort of “me too” flavor to Knute’s campaign. Kate was for abortion. Knute said, “me too.” Kate was for same-sex marriage. Knute said “me too.” Kate was all about public schools. Knute said, “me too.” Kate was for more gun control. Knute seemed to be saying “Me too.” Kate had disdain for President Trump. Knute said, “Me too”, remarking that he hadn’t voted for Trump, but had written in John Kasich, Kasich is significantly disliked by most conservatives. Knute’s take on Trump likely won him few if any Democrat votes, but surely lost him some Republican votes. We believe the same dynamic would play out this November.

Now, Knute is who he is, and he is a good man and a public servant. This post is not an attempt to malign him in any way. He did vote for Never Trumper Kasich, and we are sure he did it with very good intentions. But we oppose electing a Never Trumper to Congress, particularly in this seat held by a strong friend of conservatives and the President.

Additionally, while this seat is reliably conservative, a Knute Buehler candidacy might actually lose it. Elections are about passion. Democrats were not passionate about Kate, but they sure are passionate about sending a message of their hatred for Trump. Support for Knute seemed to us to be virtually without passion. A candidate doesn’t have to be openly in support of the Republican President and various conservative positions. But neither can he seem to be dismissive and even disdainful of them. In 2014 Dennis Richardson broke the long drought of Republican state-wide office holders despite his personal views in opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage. He didn’t bring these positions to the campaign, but most people knew his views. On the other hand, Knute seemed to want the electorate to know of his being on the other side of these issues.

We’re looking for a better candidate to support in CD2

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