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Oregon Senate President Courtney Melts Down Over Walkout. We’ll Explain It to You, Peter Michael Coleman Courtney.

Here are remarks made by Courtney on March 3, with short responses by AL. The remarks start about nine minutes into the video.

 “You get back here! You used the walkout once too many for Peter Michael Coleman Courtney. No more!”

One wonders if this has some echo of a childhood memory. You’re the Senate President not a dictator. Your job description doesn’t include bullying.

“Someone better take a close look at what it is to be a member of the Oregon Legislature.”

Your Republican colleagues have, and are taking appropriate and effective steps to serve Oregonians, whom you steadfastly refuse to let vote on the Cap and Crony bill, likely the most significant piece of legislation in the State’s history.

“Don’t shut down the government of Oregon.”

Do you realize how ridiculous this statement is? Will it be shutting down the government when the Senate adjourns on March 8? Geesh.

“Someone has to explain one day to Peter Michael Coleman Courtney how you can justify leaving your post. I don’t understand.”

We’ll try. They are using a time-honored procedure, used by both Democrats and Republicans in Oregon. They are attempting to thwart a massive take-over of much of the economy in our State, and which would move money from private control to control by hand-picked cronies of the Left. They are trying to prevent the radical progressives in Oregon from enacting a massive tax hike that will reduce economic liberty for all Oregonians and accomplish virtually nothing in terms of climate change. They are fighting for liberty.

“Shuttin’ down government is anarchy. I am sorry. That is anarchy. Anarchy!”

This statement is ridiculous, ridiculous, ridiculous! Buy a dictionary. Cut the nonsense and overheated rhetoric. No one is shutting down “the government.” You foolishly equate government with the civil government and, the civil government with a few days of a legislative session, and thus come to the ridiculous conclusion that this is anarchy. Is it any wonder you can‘t lead?

“I don’t know how to handle it. I don’t know how to deal with this.”

Agreed. We suggest you resign, now that you have admitted a total failure to lead.

“Jesus, I don’t understand certain parts of human nature.”

Jesus knows the nature of men. Jesus knows the commitment to liberty in the nature of  those who engage in heroic efforts to maintain and advance true liberty. Jesus also knows the foolish hearts of some who look to rulers for the salvation of the world. This latter group hands over more and more control over every aspect of their lives to men like you, and their liberty evaporates.

“Individuals are violating their oath of office.”

No, they’re not. To the contrary, we believe the men and women you rail against are, in fact, faithfully discharging the duties of their office. They are making use of every legitimate procedure afforded them to facilitate Oregonians’ “peace, safety, and happiness” (see Article 1, Section 1 of the Oregon Constitution). And quoting this same section again, they are doing this in accordance with the principle that “all power is inherent in the people”, the very people whom you refuse to allow to vote on this momentous legislation.

Finally, we would point you to the Preamble of our State Constitution. It reads:

We the people of the State of Oregon to the end that Justice be established, order maintained, and liberty perpetuated, do ordain this Constitution”

It is the position of Advance Liberty that SB1530 unjustly penalizes the commercial transactions of Oregonians, and that it greatly reduces citizens liberty by diminishing their property and by imposing undue state control over their freedom to enter into commercial transactions.

In advocating for this bill, Senator Courtney, you are the one in danger of violating our Constitution.

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