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2018 Measure 105

Repeals law limiting use of state/local law enforcement resources to enforce federal immigration laws

Repeal Oregon Sanctuary State Status

God gave us nations. From the table of 70 nations in Genesis 10 to the nations referred to in Revelation 22 (e.g. “the leaves of the trees are for the healing of the nations” v. 2), God affirms nations. He also affirms gates, or walls, around cities, etc., which keep some out (see Rev. 22:14,15). Nations have borders, with the obvious need to control those borders. Oregon’s sanctuary state law is a practical denial of our obligations as part of a nation with a need to control its borders.

 The Bible also affirms the rule of law (Rom. 13:1), which our current sanctuary state law erodes. It creates special protections for those in our State whose one distinction is that their first act in America was to break the law by illegally crossing the border. This is frequently followed by breaking the laws regarding proof of identity. It is also routinely accompanied by businesses willfully violating those same identity laws, to procure cheap labor. All this fosters disrespect for the rule of law generally. That’s why 14 Oregon County Sheriffs signed a letter calling on us to vote Yes on Measure 105, to help restore the rule of law. They wrote “Respect for the law, among citizens and noncitizens alike, is indispensable to a free society.”

Finally, a comment about the Bible and sanctuary cities. God established cities of refuge for a time in Israel’s history. They were for the protection of those who had accidentally killed someone. The person who fled to such a city was tried by judges. If found guilty of murder, he was not allowed to stay in the sanctuary city (Numbers 35). There is no biblical warrant in these texts for modern “sanctuary cities” or states. We urge your Yes vote on Measure 105.

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