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2018 Measure 106

Amends Constitution: Prohibits spending “public funds” (defined) directly/indirectly for “abortion” (defined); exceptions; reduces abortion access

Stop Taxpayer Funding of Abortion

We strongly recommend a Yes vote on Measure 106. We also urge you to ask your friends, family, and neighbors to vote Yes as well. It will reduce the number of abortions. It will also mean that Oregonians who are deeply opposed to what they see as the taking of human life are no longer forced to pay for the practice.

In 2017, our Legislature made Oregon the worst abortion state in the union. They decided that all women in Oregon can have free abortions for any reason, at any time during their pregnancy, paid for by the taxpayer.

 Measure 106 will not eliminate most abortions in Oregon. But the State of Oregon predicts that it will save some lives. The government prepares financial impact statements for all ballot measures. While Measure 106 only cuts off public funding, the financial impact statement indicates it will reduce the deaths of unborn children. It predicts an increase of about 22 million dollars “resulting from an estimated increase in births”. The number one reason to vote Yes on 106 is to save lives.

 Additionally, this Measure would stop forcing those morally opposed to abortion from funding some 4,000 abortions each year. We should not be forced to pay for what is morally repugnant to us. Every Oregonian, through our tax dollars, “participates” in elective abortions. This includes late-term and sex-selective abortions. It is very wrong to force each of us to pay for what we regard as the killing of a defenseless human being. It should be added that the mothers whose abortions we pay for frequently experience significant mental and emotional harm.

“Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves” Proverbs 31:8

 Let’s join the other 32 states and the District of Columbia that prohibit the use of public funds for abortion. Let’s save lives. Let’s use the voices of our votes to speak up for the unborn. Please do all you can to help pass Measure 106.

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