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2016 Measure 100

Prohibits purchase or sale of parts or products from certain wildlife species; exceptions; civil penalties.

We generally think that complicated issues raised by ballot measures such as this one should go through the vetting process of legislative hearings. In this case, the backers of this Measure previously tried to do just that. But leftist politics got in the way, so this now needs to be done by Ballot Measure. We ask for your support of this Measure. While it is complicated, its basic goal is a biblical one – proper stewardship of God’s creation. While we oppose radical environmentalism, we know that the Lord has called on us to exercise proper authority and care for the created order. This includes the astonishing animals the good Lord takes delight in. Every time we see a rainbow, we are reminded of God’s covenant with Noah. But, remarkably, that same promise to preserve human life was also made with the animals that Noah stewarded into the new world (see Genesis 9:10). God made a covenant with animals, as well as Noah. So, we like the tenor and goal of this Measure. It also creates common sense exceptions, showing it is well thought out. And if some of the details need reworking, the legislative process can be used to fine tune this law. We endorse Measure 100.   

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