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2016 Measure 98

Requires state funding for dropout prevention, career and college readiness programs in Oregon high schools.

This Measure ensures that three of the most important aspects of any school system are prioritized in Oregon. Keeping students in school, and preparing them for vocation and college can be said to be the most basic of goals for schools. And yet, over the decades, these goals have been shoved aside in Oregon. This Measure is a solid attempt to restore them, and in doing so, restore a proper focus for state secondary school education. The Measure would mandate that the state spend about $150 million of existing school funds a year on these goals. It also allows local school districts and boards diversity in how they meet the goals. Restoring the proper goals of schooling, ensuring dollars follow those goals and providing significant implementation freedom to local districts makes this a very worthy Measure. We urge your Yes vote.

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