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America Remains Far More Conservative than Liberal

According to a Gallup poll released on January 9, 37% of Americans call themselves conservative as opposed to liberal or moderate. Only 24% claim the liberal tag. There are over fifty percent more Americans who self-describe as conservative as opposed to liberal.

Surprising, right? Two reasons for the disconnect. First, here in Oregon, the numbers would likely be different, but not dramatically so. Second, our view of the country’s politics tends to come from media, comprised of both news and cultural media. Both of these are dominated by radical anti-conservative leftists.

One’s hopefulness or lack thereof is critical. When you think defeat is inevitable, you tend to stop trying, and the self-fulfilling prophecy comes true. You lose. But don’t be deceived! In spite of the media, the schools (both primary and secondary) and the cultural elite doing their darndest to turn the country left, Gallup reveals they are failing. This is exhilarating!

Gallup brings us hope, and that hope should be translated into action in 2020. Advance Liberty is dedicated to getting lovers of liberty involved and effective in political action. As we move to the elections later this year, we’ll equip you with hope and effective tactics. Keep up to date by subscribing to our weekly newsletter. Get our email updates by signing up at https://advanceliberty.us/newsletter/

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