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Oregon Churches and Representatives File Lawsuit Against Brown’s State of Emergency Actions

Shared from Rep. Bill Post’s facebook page …

“As promised, here is the latest update from lead attorney Ray Hacke on the lawsuit that I am a part of with Pacific Justice Institute, churches, legislators and individuals.”
“A couple quick things:
1. A hearing has been scheduled in our case against Gov. Brown: It will take place from 8 a.m. to noon on Thursday. The parties will all appear via videoconference. The judge has made the decision not to bother with issuing a temporary restraining order, which would only last for 14 days, but to hold a hearing on whether to issue a preliminary injunction, which would last until a trial on the merits takes place. If we were to win the injunction, that would be good, because one of the things we have to show is a likelihood of success on the merits — and if we can show we’re likely to win on the merits at trial, it means we’d likely win at trial.
Please keep us in prayer during that time. (Also, please wait until after noon to call and/or e-mail to request updates. If the hearing ends sooner, I’ll get you updated sooner.)
2. At this point, I’m capping the number of plaintiffs. I know more people want to be involved, but I need to finish drafting my complaint so I can get it filed. (To the two individuals who have called me within the past couple of hours but haven’t gotten the representation agreement back: Rest assured — you’re included.)
3. Lawyer friends: As I’m under the gun here, I could use some assistance with research: The judge has asked for briefing on cases on constitutional rights in times of emergency. Anything you can find from either Oregon or federal law would help me greatly.
Your prayers, assistance, and cooperation are greatly appreciated.

Ray D. Hacke
Staff Attorney
Pacific Justice Institute”–pwoff?fbclid=IwAR010HIISvmDsTU_wR4fUvWdRKmkntl3JaIxS_Smp1G94K71dIkeEuxyjSY

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