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Oregon Supreme Court Candidate Nails It!

Oregon Supreme Court Candidate Nails It

This year’s Oregon Voters Guide makes for some interesting reading. Along with some hilarious candidate statements, there was this gem from Van Pounds. Pounds is trying, no doubt in vain, to unseat a sitting Oregon Supreme Court Justice. Want to know why our Supreme Court is so liberal? What Van says is a very big part of the reason. We’re not making an endorsement in this race, but here’s the relevant excerpt:


Although the Oregon Constitution states that judges are to be elected by the voters of this state, such voters are routinely relegated to the role of a rubber stamp. As judicial vacancies occur, the governor unilaterally fills them by appointment. Such appointed judges thereafter gain the advantage of incumbency and rarely, if ever, face an election opponent.

Every current Oregon Supreme Court judge got there by means of gubernatorial appointment. Five of those seven judges have now been appointed by one person — the current governor. If the Position 1 incumbent is re-elected and then resigns mid-term (as anticipated), the governor will be afforded yet another opportunity to unilaterally hand-pick a replacement.

Oregonians deserve a judiciary that functions in an independent and non-partisan manner. Sadly, however, the prevailing process for picking judges provides little reassurance in that regard.”

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