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Restore Liberty!

Mission Accomplished – Time to Restore Liberty!

We have endured radical restrictions on our liberty in response to the corona virus. The “land of the free” has been substantially less free. The purpose or goal of the radical mitigation was to “slow the spread” not stop the spread, because everyone knows that is impossible. It was to “flatten the curve” not eliminate the curve. The goal was averaging out the number of hospitalizations so we could build up the amount of PPE and ventilators to avoid the tsunami.

Not all agreed with that strategy. But it happened. And the good news is that it succeeded. The hospitalization tsunami, forecast by the widely inaccurate models, never materialized. We used the time to test millions and are now ramping up antibody testing. We have met the need for PPE and ventilators, and far exceeded it. We have made available thousands more hospital beds than were needed. We are in a great place to deal with any future surge, which may or not even occur. Now it’s time to restore liberty.

Free citizens in Michigan can buy pot but not seeds and garden hoses, and can’t go to their vacation homes to ride it out. Those in Kentucky and Mississippi are forbidden to worship in the privacy of their cars. And in Washington state there are draconian restrictions on the freedom to buy a car. There are multitudes of rulers who never were committed to liberty and freedom, and they are now acting out their tyrannical urges.

Enough is enough. Time to raise the flag once more over “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”


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