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What the Heck is With Lars Larson???

Lars Larson is usually a great resource to those who wish to advance liberty and talk facts. But in terms of what he calls the “China Virus,” Lars seems to have gone around the bend. On Monday, for instance, in an argument against herd immunity, he talked about California. He said that since the kill rate is at least 1%, if sixty million Californians had actually contracted the virus, they would have hundreds of thousands of deaths. Uh, no. This is, to put it bluntly, a ridiculous argument. His facts and logic are goofy. He is completely ignoring all the data that shows that there are a large number of asymptomatic people who have contracted the virus. The kill rate he is citing is based on the people who have been tested to date, whom are nearly all significantly symptomatic. Evidence is now mounting to the point of consensus that the actual death rate is likely one tenth of one percent or even significantly less.

Lars has uncritically accepted the modeling projections, even though they have proven to be incredibly inflated. Why doesn’t he admit his and the models’ inaccuracies? Why does he continue to spread inaccurate kill rates, implying it is the rate of death of ALL those infected with the corona virus, symptomatic and asymptomatic?

No one wants to let China off the hook. We are not being duped by Chinese disinformation. We are not yet convinced of the herd immunity argument. We acknowledge the legitimate role of the government in calling on us to take steps to fight a contagious disease. But with all that said, we need the valuable resource that Lars is to be accurate, and not to parrot the statist distortions being used to make us no longer the land of the free.

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