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Biblical Ballot Measure Voters Guide

From 1996 to 2018, 181 Oregon ballot measures have been voted on. And we’ve brought biblical insights on every one of them to Oregon voters. While good people will disagree on how to vote, hopefully all Christians know we should try to think biblically about how we vote. We’re here to help all of us do just that.

  2020 may see dozens of measures on the ballot. Democrats want yet another huge tax increase and limitations on political speech. These will both be voted on in 2020. Another sixty or so other measures are hoping to make the ballot. Issues from grocery store self-checkout units to gun control to PERS reform and climate change may be voted on.  

We need your help to publish and distribute our Biblical Ballot Measure Voters Guide for 2020. And for most of us, this help can be funded by your state tax dollars. You can send up to $50 of your taxes ($100/married couple) to political action groups who advance godly liberty and limited government. This is a dollar for dollar tax credit, meaning it costs you nothing, whether you itemize or not!  

Don’t Lose Out! Your tax credit contribution can help up to one hundred other Oregonians think biblically about very important issues of liberty.  

If you don’t use this tax credit, Gov. Brown will get your money, and she will not use it for liberty. Mail your check to Advance Liberty, P.O. Box 847, Canby, OR 97013 or to avoid the cost of a stamp, Donate Here.

Advance Liberty (formerly Parents Education Association, PEAPAC) is here to support candidates and ballot measures that further biblical values and enhance Faith, Freedom and Family. But we can’t do this without you. Can we count on your help? And perhaps you could encourage others to help as well.

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