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NPR Hit Piece on Homeschooling

Here’s a link to a recent NPR 35 minute show intended to ramp up state regulations on home education.

Homeschooling is characterized as psychological abuse and educational neglect.

Christian Liberty Academy supplied excellent homeschooling materials for tens of thousands of parents. While not named, it is alluded to as a “cult” and the materials as “brainwashing.”

Another supplier of Christian homeschooling help is described as intending to “groom victims” for sexual predation.

Outrageously, homeschooling is tied to “torture,” “rape,” and “cages” resulting in kids being chopped up and hidden in freezers.

Imagine a show like this, but investigating alternative sexual orientation instead of alternative education. I doubt the depiction would be as negative, even though you could cite horrifying isolated incidents of similar abuse.

Brian Ray from NHERI tried valiantly to counter some of this, but it was one against three.

NPR, of course, is supported in part by our taxes.

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