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Iowa’s Caucus and Oregon’s DMV

Plan to fly somewhere this October? Better get a passport. For 15 years, Oregon has failed to comply with the federal REAL ID driver’s license requirements.  We got waiver after waiver and sat on our hands. We are the only state in the union that has yet to comply. Now, the DMV says it can’t even begin to issue the new licenses until July 6 at the earliest. According to KGW, that means the DMV would have to issue 32 licenses a second to meet the expected demand by the October 1 deadline. A complete fiasco, with real life consequences for thousands of Oregonians.

Make no mistake about it. This, like the clown show Iowa caucus, is a Democrat Party failure. Dems have run Oregon for the past fifteen years. For whatever reason, they are incompetent. They have once more failed utterly in a basic function of government.

They can’t run their own election processes, or provide drivers licenses. And now they want to totally run our health care, and control more and more of our private property and energy? Some of us may think of ourselves as born again, but we weren’t born yesterday.  We need to fire Oregon’s Democrat legislators this fall.

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