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Oregon’s Carbon Tax Bill and World War 3???

At a rally in Salem on February 11th, various politicians compared the fight against greenhouse gas with World War 2. The head of the Democrat party actually said we are now in World War 3 and need to pass SB 1530 to help win the war. These people have either gone stark raving mad or they are liars.

SB 1530 would begin by imposing a 22 cent per gallon gas tax on most Oregonians, and the tax could easily climb to 70 cents a gallon

And for what? Putting all the ridiculous rhetoric aside, the cap and crony bill would, at best, slightly reduce Oregon’s carbon emissions with virtually no impact on global warming.

Even if there is a mosquito in the house, SB 1530’s solution is to unleash a wrecking ball.

So why the big push? Power, plain and simple. The Democrats simply want to grab control over the energy industry and economy of Oregon and move more and more power into the hands of unelected bureaucrats and cronies. This strikes at the heart of economic liberty.

Unless one is committed to radically socialist policies, SB 1530 makes absolutely no sense. Pray for a Republican walkout. Then put feet to your prayers by letting your legislator know of your support for a  walkout.

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