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Walk Out Now

The latest outrageous move in the Oregon legislature is the House’s passage of HJR 202. The bill advances a proposed constitutional amendment which would make affordable quality health care a right in Oregon. This would be another first-in-the-nation piece of socialism.

The implications are enormous, but the Dems have no time to work through them, certainly not in the 35 day session which was to only address easy fixes to budgets, etc. For instance, the Speaker of the House Tina Kotek was asked about possible lawsuits stemming from the bill. She said ‘Somewhere down the line that will be someone else’s conversation. I think whenever you put anything into the Oregon Constitution, it sets a framework of future effort.’” Or consider this. If I have a state-enforced right to affordable health care, does that mean the State can force people to be doctors? Who knows?

Kind of like Pelosi’s “we won’t know what’s in the bill until we pass the bill.” The fact is that neither Pelosi or Kotek care about the details. Their driving ambition is statist power. Kotek knows that HJR 202 would massively increase the government’s power. And that always means the diminishment of OUR power, of our liberty. One ring to rule them all.

The die is cast. Whether it’s the all pain no gain cap and trade bill, the gun grab, the real estate transfer taxes, the 100% increase in Medford DEQ car fees, and much more, the Democrats have clearly shown their hand. Its time for the Republicans to act to protect our liberty. It’s time for the Republicans to walk out.


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